Know the requirements for a mortgage loan

Today the mortgage market offers, for the future homeowner, many options, from buying a presale apartment to a second department. Real estate brokers have a wide range of possibilities when offering real estate.

The real estate sector is in full development

And there are currently several options in the sales catalog. Normally, when looking for a property we find the traditional property ready to live, however, there is another option that maybe not many
know or are familiar.

There is the possibility of buying a property in the pre-sale phase

but not everyone can afford this alternative since it implies that the property is not yet finalized and depending on the state of the project, the completion of the same can take months to a year. In this way the work is financed with the money of the buyers.

This implies that during the time that we are paying the department in presale we must have another place to live, either continue renting or staying in a family home, with friends or there is even the alternative of temporary rentals, although they are usually more expensive than usual.

If these contingencies are not your concern

then buying a pre-sale apartment may be a good idea for you. Most pre-sale projects include that the buyer liquidates 30% of the total good, paying the remaining 70% through financing in previously established installments.
This system has become very popular over the years since it allows financing the purchase of the property and buying at a lower price than the market. Thus, the real estate developer offers preferential prices to future buyers, allowing them to save up to 20% of the final price.

However, it is very likely that you still need a mortgage loan to pay the 30% down payment or even to liquidate the entire property and guarantee its delivery. To apply for a mortgage loan you need to meet certain basic requirements that you can consult in your bank of preference or your mortgage advisor to detail everything you need to get your mortgage loan and fulfill your dream of
living own.

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